The Zodiac Tales - Aries

The Tale of Cosmo

The Adventurous Sheep

About the Book

The first story of the Zodiac Tales, The Tale of Cosmo, The Adventurous Sheep, is about a brave and adventurous little ram who feels ready to take on the world. All his life, Cosmo has spent his days on the beautiful island of Chios, sun-kissed and blessed, grazing and playing with his friends without a care. But now that he’s a bit older, he is determined to learn more about the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his familiar surroundings.

Bold and curious, he sets off on a quest to carve his own destiny. Like all Aries, he is stubborn and perseverant and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals!

Editor: Ana Joldes

Illustrations: Mousam Banerjee


Reader Testimonials

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Nana, United Kingdom

I bought this for my nephew as i thought it was such a clever concept. It is a lush way for children to get to know themselves and their zodiac sign. I loved it so much, i bought another one for my friends little girl. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Zodiac Tales

Leah, United Kingdom

I got this book to read to my 2 year old grandson…The illustrations are fabulous and what a lovely story.. Loved Cosmos Adventure Can’t wait for the next book….A fantastic gift for any occasion especially Christmas x

Ellie, Ireland

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