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The Tale of Santiago

The Strong Bull

About the Book

The second story of the Zodiac Tales, The Tale of Santiago, The Strong Bull, takes its readers on a new world adventure—this time to the sun-soaked countryside of Spain. Santiago, the country’s most prized bull, wants to go on a treasure hunt, but everyone tells him he’s going on a wild goose chase.

But, true tohis star sign, the mighty Taurus, Santiago likes to do things his own way! Disciplined in his pursuit, he is early to bed and early to rise, day in, day out, leaving no stone unturned until the mysterious treasure is his.

Will he prove everyone wrong and return triumphant from his pursuits?

Editor: Ana Joldes

Illustrations: Mousam Banerjee


Reader Testimonials

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I have read The Tale of Cosmo as first and I loved it! This new book has even better illustrations (honestly amazing!!) and the story it’s so nice as well as easy to read. I am really looking forward to having the full collection!

Giada, United Kingdom

Very nice story. Through a tale story with very nice illustrated pictures explains the character and the advantages of the Taurus ♉ Zodiac personality. Perfect for children 2-8 years old…

Themistoklis, Greece

Fun cute book for kids!

Melanie, USA

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