The Zodiac Tales

The Zodiac Tales

The Zodiac Tales

Children Book Series
by Charis Papalas

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Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales
Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales
Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales

The Tale of Cosmo - Aries

Cosmo is determined to learn more about the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his familiar surroundings.

Like all Aries, he is stubborn and perseverant and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals!

Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales

The Tale of Santiago - Taurus

Santiago, the country’s most prized bull, wants to go on a treasure hunt, but everyone tells him he’s going on a wild goose chase.

Will he prove everyone wrong and return triumphant from his pursuits?

The Tale of Charlotte & Christien - Gemini

Twins Charlotte and Christien yearn to discover the truth about the hidden forest of Compiègne, a place of mystery known to hold the secrets of their origin.

Will the two Gemini find the answers they so ardently seek? 

The Tale of Calypso - Cancer

Calypso, The Creative Crab, is about a goofy and artistic little crab who lives on the rebellious side of life.

Will young Calypso overcome the obstacles in her path and become the greatest dancer the world has ever seen?



The Tale of Apollo - Leo (Coming this Summer)

Apollo, The Fiery Leo, is about a fiery lion named Apollo, the leader of the largest pride in the savanna. He is a fair and just leader who deeply cares for others.

Will his reckless bravery be enough to help him succeed?

The Tale of Aster - Virgo (Coming this Christmas)

Aster, The Loyal Bear, is about a kind and loyal bear named Aster who lives in the forests of Virgo. She never hesitates to lend a helping paw to all animals in need, whether they are big or small.

One day, she encounters a bunny names Jasper who is being cornered by some foxes. Aster saves Jasper and becomes friends with him. After Jasper tells her about a group of wolves getting ready to invade the forest, Aster takes it upon herself to save the forest because she is a loyal and kind bear who defends everyone.

Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales

About the Author

Charis Papalas was born in Greece but raised abroad from a young age. In ancient Greece, astrologers only made horoscopes for the wealthy and for kings, the only people who could afford this luxury. Nowadays, stories and zodiacs are still of huge significance in Greek culture, and Charis’s parents have diligently instilled their values throughout his childhood. Growing up surrounded by conversations revolving around people’s zodiacs and moon signs, daily astrological forecasts on TV, and New-Year horoscope predictions, Charis is now hoping to impart parts of his culture to others through his endearing and captivating tales.

He currently resides in the cosmopolitan city of London, where he works in the often less exciting world of mobile media advertising. Outside of work, he spends most of his time highlighting how his friends and colleagues embody their zodiac stereotypes and has recently converted this passion into writing zodiac-centered children’s stories.

When he’s not writing, Charis enjoys watching anime, reading a good sci-fi book, or taking in the views of London while out rollerblading.

Children books.

Children books.
Children books


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Reader Testimonials

Children Books | Horoscope Stories For Children | The Zodiac Tales

I love this book. What a great story and great drawings. I thought I would give it to my grand kids right away, but I enjoyed it myself. My grand kids really enjoyed this story as much as I did. They have read it several times. I highly recommend.

Lydia, Texas

What a smooth read and a genuinely brilliant concept behind it – Cosmo the Competitive Sheep! Bought this for my friend’s daughter and she absolutely loved it. Now we’re all waiting for the rest to arrive and being a Libra myself, I look forward to ordering my very own copy. Kudos to the author!

Nana, United Kingdom

I bought this for my nephew as i thought it was such a clever concept. It is a lush way for children to get to know themselves and their zodiac sign. I loved it so much, i bought another one for my friends little girl. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Zodiac Tales

Leah, United Kingdom

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